At Relational Education, our events tend to focus on creating opportunities and facilitating spaces for dialogue about educational transformation. We believe that such interactions can enable us to attend to multiple perspectives and diverse practices of integrating the relational dimension at the core of teaching and learning.

Educational Evaluation for Well-Being: Personal, Relational and Global – An Int’l Webinar on 22 Oct 2022

On 13th October 2022, Learning for Well-Being Foundation, Lifelong Learning Platform, Taos Institute, and Global Humanity for Peace Institute at the University of Wales TSD co-hosted an international Webinar entitled: “Educational Evaluation for Well-Being: Personal, Relational and Global”.

Global educational thinkers, practitioners and policymakers discussed the challenges of the current educational assessment paradigm, and explored the potentials of an innovative orientation to education, one that places the process of relating at the centre of learning and well-being. As the panellists proposed, if we can make this paradigm shift, the door opens to truly innovative practices, such as collaborative pedagogies, co-creative curricula, and a loving, caring and well-being sensitive educational environment.

Click here below to listen to the inspiring keynote from Professor Kenneth Gergen.

Amplifying the voice of students and teachers, the Webinar offered an energising array of evaluative practices that nourish the potentials of relating while providing a wealth of resources for continued learning, engagement, and for enriching students’ (and teachers’) well-being.

International webinar on Relational Leading in Education on 6th October 2022

Education as RelatingA Global Online Conference on 4-6 November 2021

As we prepare for a global future in which inclusion, innovation, and improvisation are essential for a world in harmony. We hosted this virtual conference designed for sharing and exploring practices, experiences, and inspirations in all aspects of education – within classrooms, communities, and outward to the globe. Let’s shape the future of education together.

Watch the dialogue amongst Kenneth J. Gergen Co-Founder and President, Taos Institute / Mustin Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College – USA; Sheela Pimpare Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator – France; and Pilvi Torsti State Secretary; Expert on Education; Policy-maker; Founder and Co-Founder of United World College in Mostar & Helsinki International Schools; Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki – Finland.

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