Relational Path to Regenerative Education

The landscapes of knowledge and learning have shifted hugely in recent years, with the development of technology, digital media, and more importantly, the enlivened human consciousness of our connections with each other, and our relations with the planet. Yet, practices of public education largely remain fixed to a model of a century’s duration, unresponsive to the emerging conditions and perilous in terms of preparation for the future. If regenerative practices in education are imperative, what is the most promising direction for transformation?

As we have been deeply immersed in the exploration of regenerative education, we were invited to Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit on 14th June to discuss the conceptual foundation for educational transformation, and how relational practices such as deep listening and dialogue might contribute to systemic change. Through this dialogue, we illustrated the potentials of a relational vision for regenerative education. Favoured by this vision is the thriving of innovation, co-inquiry, inclusion and collaboration for the global good.

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