Thalia Dragonas

When it comes to testing, we worldwide know that the “emperor has no clothes on”. It is Gergen and Gill who impersonate the child that has the courage to blurt out and express the widespread discontent with the measurement-based assessment tradition. They by no means claim that we have to dispense with educational evaluation. What they assert is replacing the outdated ‘factory’ view of ‘product’ assessment that reduces students to scores and grades, with a relational orientation that allows the curiosity, creativity and critical thinking of both students and teachers to bloom. In their fascinating book, Gergen and Gill share their relational vision of education and they provide a range of innovative relational practices of educational evaluation in primary and secondary classrooms, as part of teachers professional development, and of the entire school, unveiling the potential for the transformation of the learning process.

— Thalia Dragonas, Emerita professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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